Who are we ?

Brigitte François Artist la marque

We are Brigitte Martin and François Gadrey. For 20 years, we have created all the collections of the AVENTURES DES TOILES brand.

Today, for 3 years, we have thought of and given birth to ARTIST in order to perpetuate our shared creative work and continue to develop our know-how within 'Artist: creating collections of beautiful clothing from a work of art.

Our ideal

ARTIST has an ideal. It is the mixture of art, colors, difference, beautiful cuts, careful work in which you feel good as if each piece was unique, specially made for you.

And like any ideal, we will advance, we will seek, we will create, but we will never arrive. We will do everything to keep our enthusiasm for this start, our joy, our freshness and our excitement from the beginning.

In the same way, when we create the collections, we have in mind your unique and personal artistic soul, your particularity, each with its origins, its history, its culture, its age and all this diversity is for us an extraordinary opportunity but also a challenge because we will take risks. You will have understood, we don't really like targeting, boxes and categories.
ARTIST will therefore be a creative house with biases beyond the often very conventional norms of fashion.
The main thing for us will be to make you feel sublimated, enchanted, to make you dream, to travel,
And quite simply that you feel… you.


Our know-how

Artist has unique know-how in France and around the world.
The founding concept is to start from a work of art in order to create 8 to 9 unique garments.

Drawing inspiration from the works of contemporary artists is our common thread. It will always be our source of inspiration. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, we are open to all types of media.


Our founding values

Artist has chosen to develop a business model based on 3 values:

  • Proximity: We want to be very close to our customers by developing a relationship based on trust and transparency. The objective is to always be as close as possible to your expectations in terms of the final product but also in the way of production.
  • Freedom: We want to develop a model that allows us to take risks, to give free rein to our imagination in order to offer you clothes that go beyond the norm and meet our ideal: difference.
  • Respect for the environment: We realize that the textile world has ignored its environmental impact for too long. Our primary objective is to avoid waste and to create quality products that last over time.

After extensive research, we have developed an innovative model that allows us to respect each of these values.