On the agenda:

👩‍🎨 The work of the artist Antoine PETEL
🔎A focus on “the sensitive”: the material of the jacket🧵The “Plein soleil” collection in all its details


2 available dates:

On Friday 29/03 at 6:00 PMOn Tuesday 02/04 at 6:30 PM
it's free obviously (if you were wondering 😊)


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      Don't know what we're talking about?

      So we explain everything to you below

      We are Brigitte & François, co-founders of the Artist brand. We both have many years of careers in fashion.

      By creating ARTIST, we wanted to evolve our production and distribution processes, but also and above all to recreate contact with aficionados of our creations. 

      Do you sometimes have the feeling of not knowing where the clothes you buy come from, or who the designers are?

      It was important to us to remedy this, and to present our concept to you as well as our collection, live & in person. A bit as if we were all in the same store! (all this is free of course)


      Have you ever watched a video on the internet? 

      It's exactly the same thing, but better... because we are live and you can intervene (in writing) to share your ideas & ask your questions. We will answer you directly.

      (Don’t worry, you are neither filmed nor recorded)


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      We wish to recreate proximity,
      Sun, still & always
      Brigitte & François