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For ARTIST, the color purple puts on a show!

 The clothing brand has (re) delved into the imagination of visual artist Anne Gérard to create a collection dominated by the color purple. In June 2022, this magazine devoted two articles to its world of interiors. A first meeting which led to the artistic exploration of the “Barocco” clothing series.

The shades of purple chosen reflect all the expressions present in the artist's new canvas to discover online from June 14 to 23, 2024, a captivating purple wardrobe.

By choosing this dominant, ARTIST wishes to convey a feeling of confidence and daring to all those who wear it, a good reason to adopt it.

 Unanimously, this strong trend convinced on the catwalks before arriving on the streets which let themselves be carried away by its magic and its character.

 ARTIST has taken advantage of this intense shade to give more dimensions to your looks, very feminine, very energetic.
A bold and expressive choice, it's sure to turn heads! Clear, it stimulates reverie and imagination. Intense, it encourages creativity. Dark, it creates a mystical environment.

 You will wear it in different ways. The soft scarf will accentuate your outfit. As the main and solid color, the purple color will dethrone all hesitations, fantastically intensified by the quality of the materials. Its dynamic presence at the heart of the exclusive prints will add glamor and sophistication.

Another dimension of purple is that of mystery, esotericism and the sacred, the world of the unknown.

It evokes meditation, spirituality and peace...

A color that attracts attention, it also embodies individuality. It’s a nuance for thinking alone, concentrating. In color symbolism and marketing, purple is the color of the spirit, of self-realization, of personal development.

In many cultures, it is considered powerful and unique. Symbol of an institution, it inspires respect, it impresses.

This coloring has a long history and has been used in art and fashion for centuries. Formerly, rare and precious, it was obtained from marine shells. It was reserved for the elite, considered a symbol of high social status and luxury.

Over time, becoming more accessible, it found its place in different artistic movements, such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Today, she continues to inspire designers around the world in both decoration and fashion. Many designers are fascinated by all these purplish tones: the magentas, the reds, the pinks, the blues...

If you don't yet have a violin in your wardrobe, now is the time to follow the advice of ARTIST and your crazy desires, to do your shopping and join the trend!

Another good option to consider for those who want to find new looks with their existing wardrobe.

We all have a great need to surround ourselves with inventive colors in our clothes and in our interiors. Their diversity contributes to our psychological well-being, and ARTISTunderstands this well. Its art-to-wear, your art of living! The relevant brand calls you to rethink the art of dressing. Prefer, elect, marry the color purple.

Publié par François Gadrey, Co-fondateur d'Artist La marque.


  • Gabrielle

    Magnifique, comme toujours mais pas si pourpre que ça ! Très belle combinaison avec les autres couleurs. A. Gérard y excelle et vous en tirez 1 excellent parti qui souligne parfaitement l’esprit Artist. Si reconnaissable….
    Artist La marque:
    Merci , vous nous faites réellement plaisir. Une palette harmonieuse et osée n’est jamais facile. Nous croyons en l’occurence que c’est réussi en toute modestie . Anne Gérard nous a bien aidé, avec son œuvre de base. Une belle journée Brigitte et François Le 14 juin 2024 à 07:46, Sunny@comment.sunnysideapps.com a écrit :

  • Blandine

    Je ne suis pas trop fan du pourpre non plus, mais je suis prête à me laisser surprendre et, pourquoi pas, convaincre! J’espère que certaines des pièces proposées pourront s’associer au pantalon de la collection Abruzzes! A vendredi :-)

  • Martine

    I cannot wait to discover this new “Purple” collection… This colour mixes really well with other colours like the lovely green of your chair and bag, oranges and also yellows … Sounds very exciting…

  • Sophie

    J’ai hâte d’être au 14 juin pour voir vos créations avec ma couleur préférée…
    Artist La marque:
    Merci à vous .Nous avons réalisé les photos en ce début de semaine et nous avons hâte de vous les présenter .Belle journée.Brigitte et François Le 5 juin 2024 à 10:26, Sunny@comment.sunnysideapps.com a écrit :

  • Martine

    🥂enfin !!!… ma couleur préférée à l’honneur ! Chouette , pressée de découvrir comment vous la sublimez ! Elle s’accordera à merveille avec mon pantalon velours vert de la collection ? ( je me rappelle pas de son nom !)

    Artist La marque:
    Bonjour,Vous avez absolument raison c’est une belle association de couleur en mélangeant vert et pourpre/violet . Nous l’illustrons d’ailleurs sur une photo de cet article de notre blog avec une photo de deco d’un mur et d’une chaise . Nous venons de réaliser les photos de la collection en ce début de semaine et nous sommes vraiment impatients de vous la présenter.Bien à vous.Brigitte et François Le 5 juin 2024 à 08:46, Sunny@comment.sunnysideapps.com a écrit :

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