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With "Au fil de lin", ARTIST designed a summer or mid-day wardrobe -season on a delicately natural theme based on two pieces signed Catherine Danou.

 The visual artist works mainly on a superb Nepalese paper made from the lokta plant. Its particular structure drove the choice of materials made by the d'Art-à-Porterbrand and oriented the naturally given spirit.

 Produced on 100% linen bases or blends of linen/cotton, cotton/elastane, this new chapter offers natural, wise and timeless colors, mirroring the two canvases ofCatherine Danou.

 The collection perfectly reflects his pictorial work recalling that the Nepalese starched and ironed their exceptional paper a bit like fabric. In ancient times, they sewed clothes in this material so noble in the eyes of Catherine Danou, heir to a family link with textiles.

Ordered exclusively in squares, she works on this parchment fringed with strings, whose random texture and color she likes.

The artist paints an emblematic script, and its pages describe imaginary stories imbued with ancestral cuneiform signs which captivate the painter.

 ARTIST therefore deciphered 2 of his painted sheets, associated them, transcended them into a feminine, light and fluid line “Thread of linen”.

 In 100% linen composition and color, belted with a semi-elasticated waist in the back, these pants feature Italian pockets and are worn a little wide.



Above, you can decorate it with a sleeveless top edged with fringed braid at the shoulders. Bi-material, it shows quite a temperament. Woven in front, it immediately seduces.

But as soon as he turns his back on armored mail, he is doubly surprised.

 The motifs of Catherine Danou's work are often embroidered in this simple and natural story that ARTIST recomposed. Here, the crisscrossed stitches of linen and cotton say a lot about the cardigan knitted in a small checkerboard pattern. Reminder of the grid and the characteristic symbols intrinsic to this artistic universe.

We find this finely relief structure on an off-season sweater that is pleasant next to the skin. The natural influence attributed to this theme continues thanks to cotton/elastane, chosen for a jacket full of contradictions, rich in sobriety and cleverly placed details. Fully braided on the inside, this dressy suit-style model breaks away from the conventional with its rustic weave.

Brilliant and so comfortable, the great novelty of sunny days, the super stretch pants succeeds the extremely famous superlycra. Already presented in October 2023, in the “A thousand and one colors” collection, this 7/8e fitted to the waist moves to the rhythm of each movement.

We love the little grain of fantasy on the essential printed tops in V-neck or round neck versions. The viscose lycra lets them slide over you and accompany all your movements.


A shirt collar, a hidden button placket, stitched patterns, a discreetly embossed appearance, make the blouse totally cute, a little frivolous.


Your choice of two dresses concludes this series au naturel and “Au fil de lin”.

The gathers of the first give volume and its waist is superbly highlighted by a yoke. All dense enough to bypass transparency.


The other, devilishly long, never ceases to turn heads. A gradient of prints, cutouts and pleats ensure a feminine and summery fullness.


This collection pays homage to the minimal art of Catherine Danou

Find all her news on Instagram catherine_danou and on Facebook.


The artist regularly participates in personal and group exhibitions,

Exhibitions and fairs, in France and Europe.

Currently permanently represented by Amélie Maison d'Art – Paris 6e - the gallery will offer a focus on his work in March 2024 and will exhibit it at the same time in its branch in New York (USA).

In Germany, a museum has just purchased several of his works and is planning several events for 2024-2025.

Publié par François Gadrey, Co-fondateur d'Artist La marque.


  • Isabelle

    Je ne vois plus la veste en lin en pré commande ?
    Artist La marque:
    Bonsoir ,Malheureusement , nous avons décidé de la retirer jeudi soir car il y avait trop peu de vente sur cette pièce et nous avons vu qu’il serait impossible de la fabriquer . Nous sommes déçus  car tout comme vous , nous aimions beaucoup ce modèle .Nous vous souhaitons une bonne soirée .Bien à vous FRANCOIS Le 4 févr. 2024 à 16:31, a écrit :

  • Martine

    Je suis sous le charme de cette collection, de sa sobriete, de sa “classe” et de son ambiance de couleur… Bravo!!! et Merci!!!
    Artist La marque:
    Un grand merci à vous .Brigitte et François Le 29 janv. 2024 à 12:43, a écrit :

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